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Taani P. Dixon December 23, 1965 - February 24, 2023

Taani was sweet and kind, she was gentle and she was intensely private.

Taani LOVED her family immensely, wanted to and did appear very tough but was really extremely fragile.

I remember when we met it was our birth month my 5th year and her third, she’d always say she was two and I was four but we were each no more than 2 weeks away from our birthdays, so in my mind we were really five and three.

I was used to being an only child and remember after I’d been with her for about a week I finally went to my grandmother and said when is she going to go home? That was when grandmother gently told me she’s coming home with us she’s your sister.

Throughout the years we would part on and off often but we were always with each other in spirit and heart.

I have many fond memories of the days and time we were together. She was always curious and fun loving. There were many times when I can remember she would support me in many ways and others when I supported her.

She was stubborn as the day is long but had a quiet wisdom that always walked with her and served her well.  Taani could be very jaded when it came to viewing the world, but at the end of the day she would always allow her Sweet Disposition and Gentle Wisdom to guide her to view the world with Grace.  I am certain she did get that strength and ability from our grandmother and grandfather Hallgren, our mothers parents. We did not know our father’s. She spoke often of our Maternal Grandparents and well. She loved them dearly as did I and they were the glue and our safe harbor in the storm.

I can remember she loved to watch her niece Freya. Hang out with Freya just in general be with Freya. Freya would bring her so much joy.

And then she would help me babysit Steven while I worked.

One day after work when I came to pick up Steven she said look what I taught Steven. She unlike me enjoyed football and she had taught him to raise his hands in the shape of a touchdown like when you’re playing football every time she said touchdown. It brings a smile to my face as I remember she was Very proud of that. And her nickname for him was Superbaby. She was so proud of him, and proud of that, it brought her such Great Joy.

She spent time with Jack and Desiree her other great niece and nephew. Frequently her and Kelly would have BBQ’s with Freya and Kash and Jack and Desiree. Go camping or just hang out.

As years passed and Jack joined the Army. I recall her expressing she was so proud of him. I remember her calling him her Army man.

When I recently spoke with Jack he said he so enjoyed seeing them both on his return visit home for the holidays. He too remembers she was quick with a smile and joked to me unlike for you she was always willing to take a picture with him. (In my defense though Taani was not fond of having her picture taken.) Then he said but, seriously I Enjoyed our time together.

I recall her often commenting she and Desiree would talk via text about kitties or just general things. That made her smile and so happy and proud to be a part of her life.

Then came Allyson.  She and Taani used to walk over and get ice creams at a Hispanic store by our house they have such wonderful favors. Taani would buy her fun trinkets and such. So much like our grandma, so proud. She Loved Allyson dearly.

Allyson and her spent time visiting and playing with the kitties particularly baby Geira.

Taani and Kelly had kitties always. Kelly still does.

She was so happy and excited when Freya invited her to Izabella’s baby shower. I recall her being extremely nervous about going and quite unsure saying you won’t be there and I won’t know anyone. I told her that was not important and encouraged her to go whether I was there or not she should. I also recall her having a wonderful time and expressing to me she couldn’t get over the shower was for Freya but Freya kept waiting on her. I remembered Taani saying that made her feel so good.

What can I say about Taani she was a gentle kind giving soul she was always there with an open Smile and a warm greeting.

She was intensely private, immensely enjoyed her private time, loved to watch tv, wresting and the Sea Hawk’s with her husband. She was occasionally Moody to the point sometimes she put folks off, but to those of us who knew her we just knew that was her way.

Her husband works nights so we understood Taani converted her schedule too. That is why at a certain point in time her and I kept in touch predominantly via texting. She was awake at night and she slept during the day.

I am comforted in the knowledge we had a wonderful family gathering she was able to attend and see family she had not seen in years in December of 2022.

She Loved her husband and family more that anything in the world. She was a gentle soul and wise, wise beyond her years. Taani experienced and viewed alot of diffculty and Strife in her life but she still chose to view the word with Grace. I Loved her and will always Love her and will miss her more than words can express….

At the end of the day though. Taani was immensely kind, gentle, loving, caring, sweet in some ways a bit naive,  practical and beautiful.

She was my sister my baby sister she will be with me always as I will remember her well I love her now I will love her forever and I will love her always.

Taani is survived by Kelly DeVaney, Craig & Stjerna Bogle, Kevin & Freya Overton, Steven, Connor, Elizabeth & Daphne Bogle, John Jack Bogle, Desiree Willis, Allyson Willis, Izabella Overton, Charles & Charlene DeVaney, Kim DeVaney and Kash & Corinee Willis.

A Memorial Service for Taani Dixon will be held at 1:00pm on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at Gresham Memorial Chapel. A reception will follow.  Inurnment will take place on Monday, April 17, 2023


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    I Love and miss you.

    Love Always, Stjerna

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