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Stephen Dunnuck July 25, 1944 - August 30, 2020

My dear sweet brother Stephen Dunnuck passed away Sunday, August 30, 2020 at the age of 76, and we are heartbroken.
My husband Doug and I moved him in here a little over a year ago.  He no longer wished to live alone and we knew there would come a time, due to his failing health, that he would need our help being cared for.  I’m so glad we could be there for him, care for him, sharing the love, laughter and even the moments we bickered learning to live with each other.  At first the adjustment was hard on all of us, but we learned how to co-exist and I’m so grateful for the time I got to spend with him getting to know him in ways I never would have, had he not lived with us this past year.
He was a very kind man.  Loved music, politics, old movies, gardening and cooking…mostly cooking because the best part was the eating.  LOL!  He loved good food and would brighten up just at the thought of a delicious meal. He was a caterer for years and would create the most beautiful presentations and settings…it was one of his superpowers.
His other superpower was being optimistic and positive.  Loved to connect with people.  He had a way of finding that one thing to connect with someone and make the conversation all about them…complete strangers would walk away smiling, laughing and their day was a little brighter for meeting him.
He was a military man, serving several years in the Navy during the Vietnam war.  His best memories were of being stationed in England where he made many lifetime friends…and OH the stories he told.  LOL!  According to my brother, these were his wild years.
Because we thought he was getting better, his death was unexpected.  He went quickly, with my arms around him telling him I loved him and it would be okay.  This is what him and I had hoped for in the end…for him not to be alone and feeling loved.  This was my gift to him❤️
I have had a hard time writing this and it’s taken me several days to do so.  I miss him terribly.  The house is so quiet now, missing all the little sounds our ears had been geared up to hear in case he needed anything.  The shuffling of his feet as he came down the hallway to the dining room to hang out.  The hour or we would spend at the dinning room table talking each night, catching up on the day after I’d come home from work.  His laugh, his looks of disapproval over something I said (lol), his advice…so many things, all of which I will treasure in my heart the rest of my life.
Stephen, thank you for sharing this part of your life with me.  It has been an honor getting to know you, love you and grow close to you in a way I never would have known otherwise.  I miss you so very much, it hurts.  I know this hurt will pass with time and even though our lives are starting to look different already without you, you will forever be a part of our home and our hearts.  Thank you for being my brother.

A committal service will be at 11:00a.m., Friday, July 16th at Willamette National Cemetery 11800 SE Mt. Scott Blvd. Portland.


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    Theresa Greenway says

    Steve was a sweet soul. I will miss him.

  2. REPLY
    Cindy Ullrich says

    Steve Dunnuck – so sorry to hear you passed. I loved you my friend. We had so many memories from working together though out the years. I will always remember the “Dream Catcher” you bought my son because he was having bad dreams- you were so very thoughtful! Rest In Peace my friend – until I see you again. Xxoo. Cindy

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    Sandra Ridgeway Welch says

    I just learned of the passing of Steve. Please accept my personal condolences as well as those of Westminster High School Westminster CA class of 1962. He has been included in the WHS Memorial List 1962.

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    Althea Ingram says

    With Steve and I it was love at first sight. Although life caused us to be separated for a time when we did reconnect we didn’t miss a beat. Steve was my dear friend and no sweeter man ever walked the face of this earth. I will never forget you Steve. Rest well my friend.

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    Mike Weeks McAlester, OK. says

    I just learned of Stephen’s passing and my heart is saddened. I had the pleasure of knowing and serving in the Navy with Scott … as he was known to me. We were stationed at U S Navy Europe Headquarters in London, England. Scott was my sponsor when I arrived in England in Jan 1969. A sponsor helped the new arrivals get settled in at their new assignment. Scott met me at Douglas House in London upon my arrival. He helped me understand the bus and tube (subway) system in London and helped me find an apartment (flat ) in London. We worked in the same area at HQ and saw each other daily. Scott owned a VW Beetle and I was a frequent passenger as we explored the sites and occasionally the pubs in London! We spent Christmas 1972 at his flat with other military personnel from HQ. Scott was a dear friend who helped this kid from Oklahoma grow up and survive in the big city across the pond! He was funny, kind and a true good guy. I am saddened by his passing and offer my sympathy to his family. Thank you Scott for everything. Bravo Zulu shipmate. Rest In Peace

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