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James “Jim” Gamel September 7, 1981 - February 13, 2021

James “Jim” Gamel, of Beaverton,Oregon passed away suddenly on Saturday, February 13, 2021. Jim was born in Portland, Oregon on September 7, 1981 and was 39 years old at his time of passing. Jim attended Century High School, class of 2000.

He was survived by his children Alexis 17, Breanna 14, and Tukota 10; his parents, Cindy and Tom (Gamel); Sister, Tessa (Gamel-Burnett); Niece, Grace (Burnett).
Jim continued the family trade,  being the 4th generation to enter into the Tree Trimming business. He took over the ownership of Flag Tree Service in 2015, from his father, Tom, and continued working as an Arborist up until his passing. Jim always said he felt most at peace high up in the trees.
Jim will always be remembered for his amazing smile and infectious laugh.  Many feel that he had a heart of gold and would drop everything for those he considered family and friends. He enjoyed road trips and spending time with his three children, who always have felt at home in the back seat of the car heading to the beach or just a long drive. Jim was always on the go, surrounding himself with those he loved. It didn’t matter if it was a bonfire in the backyard, having a BBQ, hiking through the woods or heading to his sisters for stroganoff, Jim was up for anything. Those that knew Jim, even for a short time, lost a shining light in their lives. He will be forever missed and loved by many.
At this time there will be no services, but in the near future a memorial/party will be held to honor the man who opened his heart to so many.

At this time there will be no services, but in the near future a memorial/party will be held to honor the man who opened his heart to so many.


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    Elvis Thayer says

    I love you, brother so much! Your laugh and smile will be remembered forever. Warren sure does miss his uncle jimmy. R.I.P. until we see each other again. Don’t worry about us or your family, we’ll be ok.

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    Dan aaron. says

    So sad to hear my thoughts and prayers goes out to all .

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    Margie Ham says

    Today I looked back in a file about tree work done at our Scholls home in 2011 and then in Nov 2018. The 2018 removal was a tall Alder curving way over our neighbors shop building. That Alder took a bit of midair rope work. Jim was not fazed, and so great to work with. Definitely a ‘can do’ kind of guy. I couldn’t actually be home the day that job was tackled, so Jim texted me pictures of the process. Such a super nice guy. And very good at his business.
    I need tree work again – a maple removed and fir tree limbing, so I tried calling the phone number on my previous work receipts… and then dug deeper. So stunned. I am missing his business and I can only imagine how much you all miss him in person. I am so sorry to read of his passing.
    I found the first 2 years, after loosing a family member, are the toughest in the grieving process. Jim will always be part of the weave in the fabric of your lives, always part of the roots and branches in your family tree. Sadness, grieving, being lonely and being strong can be all muddled together.

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    Terry Graham says

    I met Jim when his father Tom let my husband & I know it would be Jim working with us on a large piece of property with mature Gary Oak and Douglas Fir hovering over our home, out buildings and tepee. Jim became a great friend, was an outstanding talent in his trade, and made us feel good about ourselves. He worked and did great jobs for 18-20 years with a team that respected and trusted him.
    I last spoke to Jim 8/22/20. We hoped he could come by on the 25 th. We knew he had lots on his plate to deal with and did the best he could for his children, mom ( who was my room mother at Beaver Acres School in the 80’s,) and enjoyed his sis Tesa, who was my 6 th grade student . It was nice to know Jim’s grandmother lived not far from us- he had fond stories there too. To say I had come to
    love Jim as a brother would be true. He ALWAYS. was open for huge challenges here like tackling parts of a Gary Oak but retaining the tree’s integrity while safefy for of course clients, co workers and himself. Always was prime- ( good Training Tom)
    Once years ago Jim brought up his wife and children to meet us. Jim was so proud of them all.
    My husband and I respected Jim and the quality of his work, had come to consider him family and were happy when he was. We really enjoyed putting out festive table cloths., a nice flower arrangement, and have a lunch and healthy beverages for the team. Time visiting was short but no one with us would have doubted the real caring Ky and I had for Jim.
    His voice, laugh and great sense of humor were gifts he gave to his family, co workers and friends.
    Our lives and property , now here for 37 years this summer, are so much better due to Jim & his genuine CARING! HONEST, LOYAL, HARD WORKING FUN JIM GAMEL IS GONE- I am truly
    broken hearted today. I called Jim’s number last night- gulp. – no longer in service.;I looked him up on Google and got tears in my eyes when an obituary. appeared. There was Jim’s picture with that smile, his hat, down to Earth way about him- humble about who he was and what he contributed ro so many.
    To his children & wife- I am sORRY F your loss. Jim was a GREAT MAN. FOR TESA HIS SISTER, JIM LOVED YOU. so I know the pain is great. Tesa. PLEASE CONTACT ME- I need to know more about Jim’s far too early departure. FOR JIM’s dad TOM, THERE IS NO WAY I CAN EXPRESS OUR CONDOLENCES FOR A SON WHO LOVED YOU. APPRECIATED YOU AND WORRIED ABOUT YOU ALWAYS. Love was strong.
    For Jim’s team if you’re reading this- when you were at our home, Ky & I,
    WERE IN GOOD HANDS- WE APPRECIATED YOU ALL AND CARED FOR YOU DEEPLY. PLEASE CONTACT US. I CAN’t seem to stop praising & sharing how I will miss Jim Gamel. Ky & I will try to find your final resting place my friend and visit you. Rest in peace. We will feel your presence forever as we always have.
    You made a difference- I hope you have eternal peace Jim Gamel, Love Terry Graham

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    Ky Krank says

    I have known Jim for about 20 years. He would come by even when he wasn’t working. Jim was fun and interesting. We enjoyed him so much. He was like a ray of sunshine. He was such an effective and efficient worker interacting with us and his crew. He seemed to enjoy his job, working mates, and having fun with us.
    I will miss Jim and I am truly sorry for ALL of us who lost a great guy.
    Rest in peace Jim Gamel

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    Terry Graham. says

    Jim was like a brother to me. We met when dad Tom let me know it would be his son Jim doing big jobs with huge old trees towering over my home & out buildings. Watching Jim for many years, he earned my trust and respect and I believe the same was true for his co workers. My home is a better place because Jim knew which trees needed pruning to keep me and my family safe and our yard beautiful. When Jim worked with me there was a sense of joy- loyalty- fun. He brought his wife over with his children once a long time ago- his pride & love for them was strong One day after a few years of getting on with tge business at hand, I mentioned that as a 6 th grade teacher in Beaverton A Tesa was in my class & her mom helped me. Turns out these folks were Jim’s mom and sis who he adored & his grandmother lived near me too. Over the years the team Jim brought over were all great- some jobs were very challenging and required great physical strength & concentration. Jim never let me down. He was profession, prepared with proper tools, had a “ well oiled” interaction of rules and responsibilities for each person- praise was given but correction was handed out in a stern manner so there was never any confusion what was expected of. Each person. This was a NO NONSENSE PROFESSION. LIVES WERE AT STAKE EVERY SECOND AND WE, INCLUDING ME, KNEW WHAT SHOULD OR COULD NOT BE. DONE. Where everyone was or when we talked or remained silent was something Jim commanded. He was a strong leader but was kind, loyal, dedicated and fun. When he laughed or smiled tge sun came out. His caring for his mom, dad, sis, co workers & children endeared him to me- I honestly loved Jim like a little brother. I always wanted him to be happy and know how many people counted on him abd APPRECIATED HIM AS A FRIEND.
    SAYING GOOD- Bye TO JIM GAMEL IS VERY PAINFUL- it hurts so much.
    I called him last night- number gone- looked him up on Google & learned late in the evening of his passing 2/13/21. I thought of him often and was aware of challenges he had..I spoke to him 8/22/20 hoping he might come as he said he might be able go on 8/25/20. I knew he would have come if he could have. We had a bond- we got along- we were both strong but knew how to go forward witg all jobs- I happily fixed lunch sometimes. Used nice table clothes at our picnic tables- even tooj fun pictures of me handjng out little certificates of thanks and jobs well done. Any observer could see
    respect, friendship, caring & maybe even love between us.
    So good-bye my friend Jim Gamel. You are in my heart & mind forever
    Tesa. John., Flag Tree Service. Next Tree Care. Curtis. Bobby Elvis

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