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Eileen Gill November 16, 1937 - November 15, 2023

Eileen Burlingame Gill passed away peacefully on November 15, 2023, the day before her 86th birthday on November 16, 1937, surrounded by her family at home in Portland, Oregon, to be with Jesus.

Eileen was born in St. Helens, Oregon, to Martin and Helen Burlingame. She was an eleventh-generation Oregonian whose family traveled the Oregon Trail in the mid 1800’s and ultimately settled in and around Portland and area cities.   Eileen lost her dad at the age of 6, and the need for family, church, and friends to help with Eileen and her brother Martin’s up bringing brought them back to the small community of Yankton, Oregon. Later they moved to Vancouver, Washington. Eileen had very fond childhood memories of those places and times.

She met Raymond Gordon Gill while they were still in high school and they married on September 1, 1957. They enjoyed traveling and spent a lot of time camping. At first it was in their camper, going on waterskiing weekends in Central Oregon, later on a trip around the United States in a motor home with the family in over a month-long journey, later to Alaska and other numerous and various locations, as well as cruises ship destinations. After retirement they upgraded to a fifth wheel trailer, camping locally and travelling to Arizona each new year with the other “snowbirds”. They made many acquaintances and always came home with fond memories.

Eileen loved being with people and looked forward to hosting family and holiday events. She could not get enough of her kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and in-laws. She also enjoyed yardwork, gardening and traveling, as well as the people in her various clubs and organizations she was affiliated with.

Eileen was preceded in death by her husband Raymond after 54 years of marriage, and is survived by her three children: her oldest son Steve Gill (Karen) of Rhododendron, Oregon and their son, Justin. Her daughter Jodi Croce (Richard) of Newark, California and their three children, Richie, Joleen and Sonja. Her youngest son Cory Gill (Jennifer) of Sandy, Oregon. And two great-grandchildren.

Eileen’s family thanks the doctors, nurses and staff at Kaiser and the Hospice Care team from Beloved, offering their heartfelt appreciation to the staff. At Eileen’s request, a private service will be held at a future date.

The family hopes and encourages everyone, that if you have a memory of Eileen you would like to share please do so by visiting; Gresham Memorial Chapel web site, open Eileen’s picture, and open “Condolences” to leave a condolence message for all to enjoy, thanks to everyone in advance for your memories of Eileen and looking forward to reading about them.


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    Patricia Ewing says

    I was so sorry to hear about Eileen’s passing! I have many fond memories of her. When Joan came to visit , many times Eileen would pick Joan up at airport and she would bring her over to my house. We would have la wonderful visit. Also had several nice trips together.
    Eileen will be missed!

  2. REPLY
    Patricia Eeing says

    I was very sorry to hear of Eileen’s passing.
    I have very fond memories of Eileen, the trips that her Joni, Frankie, and myself shared,
    was a lot of fun. Also, the cruse we shared together with our husband and friends was very nice.
    Eileen will be truly missed!
    My condolences to the family
    Take care

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    Joan Burlingame says

    When I think Eileen- I think of how welcoming she always was to me. She was my sister-in-law for 64 years and we had so many good times over the years. She always made me feel like family and I will miss our calls and visits. She was so outgoing and loved people. I know all of her family will miss her.

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    Linda Moredock says

    Eileen brought joy and laughter to everyone around her. Never spoke a ill word about anyone. Truly a blessing! She will be greatly missed. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to know such a beautiful lady.

  5. REPLY
    Steve, Karen, & Justin says

    Happy Thanksgiving Mom, Love & miss you!.
    Steve, Karen, & Justin

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    Debby Reihs says

    It is hard to say goodbye to the best neighbor one could ever wish for, and Eileen was not only a wonderful neighbor but also a good friend.

    Back in 1995 when we moved in next door to Eileen and Ray, Eileen took an immediate interest in our two children, and was always excited to talk to them or hear about their lives after they grew up and left home. She came downtown with us to watch my son receive an award for his musicianship, and when she learned he had a bit part in a movie, she immediately purchased the DVD and was thrilled to no end. She even bought him a Wyntan Marsallis Christmas CD one time because she knew he had gotten to play his sax in front of Wyntan in NYC. Eileen gave my daughter great confidence by giving her her first job taking care of her cat while she went away, something my daughter still remembers because of the trust Eileen had in her.

    Eileen loved plants and taking care of them in her yard. She gave me starts from her garden raspberry bushes that still to this day give me tens of gallons of raspberries every summer. She also gave me a start from her lilac bush which now grows big and healthy right next to my raspberries. On many a morning or afternoon I could hear her in her back yard talking to her cats, or talking sweetly through the fence to my dogs as she worked in her beds. We would exchange veggies we grew, and spend lots of time talking about what was blooming or going to seed. We would water each other’s plants sometimes in the summer when one of us was gone on a trip. When we had that horrible heat dome a few years back and I was gone, Eileen went above and beyond to make sure that the plants my sprinkler wasn’t reaching wouldn’t shrivel up and die.

    Eileen was a very caring person. I remember seeing Eileen tenderly trimming her mother’s hair more than once on her back porch in the years before her mother passed. Eileen always loved to invite me into her house at Christmas time and show me her Christmas tree, with all the meaningful ornaments she had lovingly placed on it.

    Although family and friends meant everything in the world to her, Eileen was very independent and never wanted to bother anyone. We tried to sneakily rake some of her leaves sometimes in the fall, but she would always catch us and come running out with a rake to join in and help. Once she reluctantly called me to help her put a bandaid on her hand. Upon seeing her hand I instantly realized she would need stitches, but when I told her I was going to drive her to urgent care she would hear nothing of it and insisted that if I would just help her wrap it up she could drive there herself. And she did!

    Eileen always had the most positive attitude, and her cheery voice always gave me a surge of happiness. I will miss her very much, and feel blessed to have had her in my life. Much love to all her family, I know she will always occupy a very special place in their hearts.

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    Shari Wampler says

    Aunt Eileen will be missed! She had that great smile and never lacked for enthusiasm or energy. She was such a positive and loving presence all through my childhood. I remember countless sleepovers, camping trips, and summer mornings at the Gills. Aunt Eileen kept us busy and moving. In her later years she continued to enjoy family- especially her grandkids. Although I will miss her I know she will not be forgotten.

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    Judith Lovelace Hillend says

    Back when our children were young and in Cub Scouts, I met Eileen and Ray and found wonderful friends. Eileen never met a stranger and probably never knew how many people, young and older, she impressed with her true love of God’s children. I watch for Eileen to show up at social functions and will miss her ever-smiling face and happy greetings. Rest in peace, Eileen. You deserve it.

  9. REPLY
    Rick Norrish says

    I did not know Eileen .
    But I did know and worked with her son Steve who she raised.By knowing and working with him for many years I can tell she was a fantastic Lady.
    Sorry for your loss my friend and all three of you look fantastic

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